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The products are 100% genuine and its impact is subjected to appropriate usage following the correct instructions. The shipment and expected delivery time is set according to our policies. We assure the quality of the product purchased; however, on time delivery can sometimes be affected due to natural causes or unavoidable circumstances. Though such situations rarely happen customer cooperation is requested.

The user agrees to the terms and conditions of the website while using it or placing order. The company solely holds the discretion of any changes in the policies in a transparent manner. The website stores cookies and is only used to improve the visitor experience and not to share information with any third party sites.

We do not share information with third party websites. Any purchase policies outside of gs-phentermine.com does not hold true for our website. Our products are delivered to the address mentioned and any change in contact should be notified in the user profile. Any mismatch in address post transaction and shipment will be deemed as invalid. In such a case, the decision to refund the buyer solely remains with the website.

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